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Aviation workers profiled, include (top left) Bernie Schettino, Tom Innace, Sue Baer. Front row, Terri Rizzuto, Toni Knisley and Debbie Roland, with author, Tom Murphy.

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Essay Judges

We are excited that a distinguished group of aviation employees, including several who were profiled in "Reclaiming the Sky" and others who are central to the story, have agreed to serve as judges for the resiliency essay competition.

The panel will be led by Virginia Buckingham, who as Executive Director of Massport on 9/11 was head of Logan Airport in Boston that day, and will include Toni Knisley and Debbie Roland from American Airlines; Eileen Ammiano and Judee Greenspan from United Airlines; and Cedrick Fulton from the Port Authority of NY and NJ, whose profiles are shown below.

Other judges will be added as they are named.

Virginia Buckingham

Virginia Buckingham was the first woman to serve as chief of staff for two successive Massachusetts governors – Governors Weld and Cellucci. She was the first woman named chief executive officer of the Massachusetts Port Authority, operator of Boston’s Logan International Airport and the Port of Boston.
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Toni Knisley is credited by many at American Airlines for being the "glue" that held the DCA base in Washington, DC together after 9/11, all of which is detailed in "Reclaiming the Sky."
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Toni Knisley

Eileen Ammiano

Eileen Ammiano was a United Airlines flight attendant supervisor based at Newark airport on 9/11. She was initially scheduled to be on Flight 93.
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Cedrick worked with many of the Port Authority employees featured in "Reclaiming the Sky" during his tenure at the Port Authority of NY and NJ. Before retiring, he served as President of the Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority (TBTA) for the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
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Cedrick Fulton

Debbie M. Roland

Debbie M. Roland started as an American Airlines Flight Attendant in July 1976. Throughout her forty-two years, Debbie volunteered with the WINGS Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization assisting American Airline flight attendants nationwide in financial need.
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Judee Greenspan has been a United Flight Attendant since 1976 and has been a volunteer with The CAUSE Foundation since 1995. Currently she serves as Vice-president.
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Judee Greenspan

Tom Innace

A Port Authority police officer since 1980, Tom Innace had risen to Lieutenant by 1993 when the first bombing of the World Trade Center occurred. Assigned to Newark Airport but assisting at the Staten Island bridges on September 11, 2001 he responded with three other officers to the World Trade Center as the first tower was struck. There he helped evacuate people streaming out of the building.
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