The Human Resiliency Institute At Fordham
  • Conducts research
  • Offers training to help aviation workers cope with pressures from congestion, delays and high security.
Operating out of Fordham's Graduate School of Education, the Institute expands upon work initiated by Reclaiming the Sky, a non-profit that supported workers' resiliency after 9/11.

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Aviation workers profiled, include (top left) Bernie Schettino, Tom Innace, Sue Baer. Front row, Terri Rizzuto, Toni Knisley and Debbie Roland, with author, Tom Murphy.

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We give NEW meaning
To a familiar word

1. Staff are Welcoming:
  • Naturally, I Connect and Engage!
2. Trained to be Problem Solvers, they:
  • Neutralize Irritations Customers Experience

Read N.I.C.E. Stories about employees at our participating airports. They are using lessons from "Resiliency Edge" training to be N.I.C.E. in two ways: they are Engaging and they Solve Problems.

Los Angeles International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport

JFK International Airport

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Meet Priscilla Everett
Air Train - JFK

View Employee Testimonial

In USA N.I.C.E., participants take "Resiliency Edge" training to learn N.I.C.E. "tools" to connect and engage with their customers during Regular Operations. At the same time they learn how to step up and become problem-solvers during Irregular Operations.

N.I.C.E. employees get recognized in the program's incentive for their efforts to create three winners: customers win because they get their needs met, employees win because they learn how to take control of customer service interactions - and the airport wins because it gains a positive customer service image.

Learn more about the program and how to join, contact us

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