Charity volunteers for United Airlines pose in yellow shirts, including (First row, from left:) Pat Morris, Jane Terins, Kathy Denker, Teddi Watanabe. Lauren Borges, Kathy Collis, Eileen Ammiano, Laurie Wampole, Judee Beyer, Lynn Muller, Annick Kiernan, April Bocchino. Second row: Angela Matthews-King, Evie Wagner, Linda Weiner, Sally Brosonski Back row: Marty Wagner, Chris Orr, Rick Grodeck, Bob Sekley, Jim Collis, Larry Anzinger Lynn Berger, Jim Denker, Phil Weiner, Lou Illiano, Tom Brosonski, Jeremy Strang, Wayne Beyer, Doreen Anzinger, Kathy Grodeck, Sue DiBlasio

Missing from photo, but volunteers also include: Tony DiBlasio, Bobby Orr, Bill Muller, John Terins, Jim Morris, Sal & Rosa Mirando, Bobby Bandiera, Tracey Brown, Tak & Joe Frommelt.

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Doing for Others

"...Remember that charity is beyond reason; and that God can be known through charity."

Flannery O'Connor (The Habit of Being)

Yes, to give of ourselves without asking is beyond reason, some say. We live in a winning-through-intimidation world, or so it may seem at times. Yet, we all know people who give without asking - and we are inspired by them.

"Community service," it is called, this process of selfless action, but here we simply wish to recognize the act of giving without asking - and applaud those who do it.

Do you know someone from aviation who gives of themselves freely? Tell us about this "selfless giver". What makes them special. Charity may be beyond reason, but the lessons we can learn from those who are selfless surely is not.

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