Same air delays, calmer air workers
April 30th 2008


A pilot project will train workers at New York airports how to be calm and thoughtful when dealing with irate passengers.

The Aviation Resiliency Program will give workers the "tools" to handle growing passenger anger over flight delays and airport congestion, said Tom Murphy, who runs the Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University.

He explained the objective is twofold - to help workers handle the problems of "distressed travelers," while "relieving the pressure they're feeling."

A 90-minute training session, complementing existing customer service programs, will be conducted Tuesday in Terminal 4 of Kennedy Airport, then expanded to LaGuardia and Newark airports.

Travelers will be able to watch the 10a.m. training class, Murphy said.

"As stress mounts on both sides of the check-in counter, the program seeks to tap into workers' resiliency as a source of calmer, more professional interactions with passengers," he said.

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